Scientists: movies before going to sleep is not the best idea

Scientists from the British Chiropractic Association has conducted a survey, which found: 3 of 5 Britons before going to sleep, watch movies, shows or news. 80% of this group spend in front of the screen up to four hours. Watching TV in the supine position affects posture and creates an additional load on the spine, says Zee News.

Scientists advise to deal with sleep safer ways. You should understand the problem and not wait each day of the arrival of sleepiness in front of the TV. If a person sees no other way out, watch TV better in a sitting position or put a pillow under your back.

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Note, previously, scientists have noticed that mobile phones pose a load on the cervical spine and lead to scoliosis and osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. Exodus - degeneration and premature wear of the spine.

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