Scientists: more and more spouses are not sleeping in the same bed

A large number of couples have expressed the desire to sleep in different beds, summarizes the results of the statistical survey is a popular Dating site. Canadian researchers have estimated that a quarter of couples do not sleep together, and 23% of couples said that the single led them difficulty sleeping. 13% of couples wish to sleep separately, and not even in the same room. And 5% of respondents generally stated that they prefer to sleep with Pets.

In the group of respondents exceeding the age limit of 45 years, dramatically increases the number of pairs that have only a Platonic relationship with each other. And for 50 years already, at least one of the five pairs refuses sex. According to the survey, more than 50% of married women and 70% of men who are married, complained about their dissatisfaction with their sexual life. Researchers have made a disappointing conclusion, with increasing age, the number of partners who are not paying sufficient attention to the relationship of physical proximity. However, such couples say that while they still love their other half, in search of passion and physical intimacy, they need to ask on Dating sites.A certain percentage of men said they're looking for on these sites candidates for extramarital relationships because their wives refuse to have sex. Meanwhile, about 30% of women indicated the main reason for wanting to sleep separately - snoring, nightmares or fair amount of kicking in my sleep its second half. In this strange night behavior remind their wives and 17% of male respondents.

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