Scientists: mood changes the perception of colors

Experts discovered a relationship between a person's mood and perception of color. In total the study involved 127 volunteers from among the students. Scientists from the University of Rochester have divided the subjects into groups. Part watched the video with the sad story, the other funny videos, says Zee News.

In the second phase of the experiment, students were shown 48 different colors and offered to carry out one of the color categories (yellow, green, red or blue). Sad video provoked quite specific changes in color perception. Volunteers from the first group less distinguish colours in the blue-yellow axis, than the subjects who watched funny videos.

Other differences, scientists have found. It is difficult to talk about the reliability of the experiment, however, seen people with a bad mood can really see the world more gray and monotonous. Scientists believe, the case in the reduction in the formation of the hormone dopamine in the brain. This substance determines the level of happiness.

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