Most modern younger generation is afraid of imminent adulthood. This is indicated by the results of research scientists from the United States.

The researchers put the data obtained from the survey of teenagers in 1982, 1992, 2002 and 2012. In total in research took part more than three thousand people. The questionnaire contained quite disparate aspects from the assessment of taste preferences of the person to ascertain the true fear. As it turned out, today's teenagers are afraid of growing much stronger than children in 1982.

In the survey were required to select one of judgment: Childhood is the happiest time in my life," "I would like to return the feeling of security that was in childhood", "I would prefer to be an adult than a child", "I'm happy that I'm an adult". The later studies that the more teenagers admitted, their main fear is the fear of growing up.

Scientists emphasize that the data collected can not be attributed to the world. Most likely they will work only in developed countries in established economies.

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