Scientists: modern bacteria are a huge danger

The world of Microbiology is rich and diverse. There is a huge number of microorganisms, which differ in their structure and properties. Some bacteria are beneficial or neutral to humans and animals, others are sources of serious infections. One of the key features of interest to doctors and scientists, is the constant volatility of the microflora under the influence of artificial factors, including medicines. Sometimes this factor reduces to zero all treatment against a particular agent.

It is on this topic, noting that the bacterial threat gaining its momentum, were made by an international group of scientists. The development of bacterial resistance to certain drugs can cause serious development and global epidemics, as well as hinder treatment even simple diseases, reported in the Lancet.

Scientists claim that it is necessary to join forces and possibilities of modern medicine, bringing the experience of international experts together. Only this approach, they believe, will help to deal effectively with modern bacterial infection.

One way of addressing this issue is the constant stimulation of the pharmaceutical companies that need to perform research activities in this direction and work together to develop new drugs against pathogenic agents. Special attention should be given to the bacteria that already have a strong protective reaction against traditional therapy. Another way to reduce the level of resistance of bacterial flora, reduction of antibiotics, starting with early childhood.

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Scientists point out that recently increased mortality when performing simple manipulations, as conditionally pathogenic bacteria are not killed as a result of the standard antibiotics. Specifically, measures should be taken in this direction.

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