Scientists: milk strengthens bones

Until the last days of scientists and ordinary people were convinced that milk helps to strengthen bone and prevent fractures. However, this statement was false, according to Digital Journal. Milk helps the body to grow, but does not protect against deformation of the bone tissue as a result of injuries.

Results were confirmed by a research team from the National Institute of aging in the United States. Analyzed the link between regular consumption of dairy products and the incidence of fractures. The study involved about a hundred thousand people, and data were collected for 22 years. In addition, account was taken of changes in the growth of the subject.

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Research has shown that even a large quantity of milk in childhood and adolescence (up to three glasses a day) did not reduce the level of absorption of fractures. However, scientists are not advised to abandon this drink. It has many useful properties, vitamins, minerals. In addition, the results confirmed the theory that tall people are more likely to break a long tubular bones.

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