Scientists: men women sabaudiae

Research group of University of science and technology (Trondheim) have found that men have a less than perfect memory than women. The data were confirmed during the global study of public health. Today, scientists are unable to establish the exact cause of the phenomenon.

The study took place from 2006 to 2008. In sum, it was attended by 50 thousand people. During the survey it has been proven that men are on average more likely to complain of poor memory, than women. Often a strong half of mankind could not remember the right numbers, dates and events.

Scientists have put forward a number of reasons explaining the results of the study. It is possible that the study was not quite correct, and most of it took men diagnosed with memory problems. Some believe that such problems are typical for people, a lot of smokers and drinkers. It is proved, among men, the percentage of adherents of bad habits more.

Interesting is the fact that scientists did not take into account marital status of subjects. It is possible that married men are more likely to rely on their girlfriends.

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