Scientists: men suffer more from cancer than women

Cancer in both men and women have the same form. Recently, however, the incidence of cancer in men began to increase in the median progression that allowed scientists to come to an opinion about a higher degree of predisposition to cancer in the past. The number of cancer cases, the effect is not harmful habits.

Medical researchers at the medical College Whaley Cornell in new York monitored by cancer patients since 2003. Obviously "otbrakovany" disease cancer forms, characteristic of one or other sex, they'd find out the difference between the disease in both sexes. The main object of analysis was the cases of cancer of the stomach, pancreas, lung - only about ten species.

The outcome was disappointing for men. Thus, the incidence of cancer forms of diseases from representatives of the "stronger sex" above, as well as the mortality rate. So, the likelihood of deaths in men were higher than 12 percent. This system has been noted on seven types of cancer studied ten. One of the researchers, Professor Shahrokh Shariat, notes that this trend is caused not only by the greater propensity of men to bad habits, and peculiarities of metabolism in the body male.

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