Scientists: men are losing their attractiveness without eating meat

Veganism makes men more aggressive and irritable. About it tell results of research of scientists from the College Almaha (Indiana). They found that the lack of meat in the diet leads to changes in behavior.

The study involved 50 volunteers. The researchers divided participants into three groups. In the first group the main energy source was meat products, in the second group, the volunteers were fed and meat, and plant food. Study participants from the third group for some time had refused the meat.

The study showed that the lack of meat in the diet makes men irritable and aggressive. Note that an excess of meat is also not recommended by nutritionists. According to some studies, a large number of fatty meat varieties affects the nervous system and can provoke the development of depression. Diet meat, such as Turkey, on the contrary, strengthens the psyche and reduces the risk of mental disorders.

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