Scientists: meditation stops the aging process

Meditation slows down the aging process at the genetic level, according to scientists from the United States. They found that people engaged in meditation, increased expression of the gene for telomerase. This factor allows to keep more long stretches of telomeres, reflecting the General aging of the body, writes NDTV. The longer the telomeres, the longer life will be lived by people.

According to the results of other studies, meditation reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other dangerous diseases. In the present study involving 48 volunteers, scientists found that physical activity during meditation and breathing practices protect the body at the deepest level.

In all subjects at the start of the study were diagnosed with arterial hypertension. Often the volunteers meditated and listened to lectures on medicine. Others tried to change the lifestyle: started a diet, played sports, was refused alcohol.

Through 16 weeks after the start of the experiment in both groups were positive results. Turns out that meditation acts on the body along with proper nutrition and abstinence.

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