Scientists: meditation helps to quit Smoking

This process happens on an unconscious level. Giving up the cigarettes because of the changes caused by regular meditation. Smokers decreases the activity of brain regions responsible for the sense of self-control. Meditation practices help to restore balance in the nervous system, writes The Daily Mail.

Cigarette Smoking and tobacco dependence is tied more on human psychology than on chemical reactions based. Scientists from the University of Texas and the National Institute on drug abuse in the United States conducted a study involving 60 students. Half of them were Smoking, others adhered to a healthy lifestyle. Students were divided into two groups, one offered to meditate, others were taught relaxation techniques.

After relaxation volunteers smoked cigarettes as usual. Meditation also reduced the consumption of tobacco in the group. The level of carbon dioxide in the meditation group decreased by 60%. Certain systematic training volunteers helped at all to quit the habit.

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