Scientists may have found a panacea for all of men's problems

Research into the effect of testosterone on men began long ago. The first experiments in this direction were made in Germany in the mid-20th century, where the hormone was suggested to use for the treatment of homosexuality. However, the results of this technique, unfortunately, to no avail.

In our time, the injection of a substance that contains testosterone, allows you to raise male libido. But a researcher from the USA Hugh Jones has established another relationship. It turns out that injection of testosterone may protect against heart disease, to lead "normal" physical condition and to improve the sexual ability of men, reports The Daily Mail. For those who have to experiment people after a course of five injections were observed these signs. In addition, there was a decrease weight, improve motor skills movements, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood increased libido. However, here in the study were influenced by the fact that the "experimental" suffered from deficiency of testosterone in the body.

However, despite this, scientists say with certainty that the use of testosterone can help healthy people. In particular, it is applicable when the phenomenon of the so-called "male menopause". Optimal testosterone levels in a healthy person is considered to be the indicator 12 mmol/liter. if the indicator is below 8 mmol/liter, then begin a serious problem in the field of men's health. Therefore the results of new medical advances should help in the fight for the preservation of health.

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