Scientists managed to find a vulnerability in the causative agent of gonorrhea

Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a bacterium-the causative agent of gonorrhea. This is quite a dangerous infectious disease that is transmitted sexual routes. Annually, this disease infected more than 70 million inhabitants of our planet. The infection affects the internal organs. In women infertility. This tells

Researchers from America found on the causative agent of the disease protein, inhibiting lysozyme. It is a natural antibiotic, which is itself produced in the human body. The new compound received the name of the SliC. Studies have been conducted on animals. After them, the researchers found that SliC should be used for survival and build new colonies.

The discovery allows us to develop effective medicines against infectious diseases. To cure gonorrhea you want to block the SliC. Then the body will be able to cope with the bacteria pathogen. It is important to note that very often, gonorrhea has no symptoms. The disease is difficult to treat. It is therefore very important to create an effective vaccine that will help save millions of lives.

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