Oxytocin is needed to build warm and trusting relationships. Often this connection is called the "hormone of love". Indeed, the increase of its concentration in brain brain increases the sensuality of a person, improves mood and adds motivation. Scientists have tried to prove that, however, oxytocin affects the level of empathy. This tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

In total the study involved 32 volunteers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a group of 30 healthy people. Subjects received oxytocin or placebo. It turned out that just one dose of the hormone significantly increases the craving of men to his beloved woman. Placebo, this effect is not produced.

Interestingly, the reverse action of the hormone was observed. The excess of oxytocin are not aroused in women extra love to the partner. Even scientists have noticed that the highest activity of the hormone among men with PTSD, so the preparations with oxytocin may be used in the treatment of this disease. While this is just a theory. Additional testing to prove the effectiveness of oxytocin for treatment of PTSD.

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