Scientists: "longevity gene" does not exist

Researchers in the field of genetics, headed by Stuart Kim, Stanford University Professor, conducted the analysis and proved that no "longevity gene" does not exist. The data was confirmed by genetic testing of centenarians.

The researchers examined the DNA of single men and 16 women. Age of the subjects ranged from 110 to 116 years. In considering genes failed to find genetic features, if you compare the DNA of centenarians and ordinary people. No mutations or damage genes, scientists have found.

Initially, the researchers relied on other results. No findings were disappointing team of American scientists, says PLOS One. Longevity is likely to be multifactorial phenomenon, which depends more on environmental factors and lifestyle of the person.

However, a clear connection with the way of life was not detected. All the volunteers did not follow a certain set of rules, eating normal food, about half of the volunteers were smokers.

While the secret of longevity remains a mystery to scientists. Slightly open whether the secret, time will tell.

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