Scientists: long jog hazardous to health

With an interesting statement was made by Dr. Martin Matsumura. In the course of the analysis, he found that the long run have a negative impact on human health. Previously it was thought that these loads, reduce cholesterol, improve mood and overall condition. As it turned out, in some cases it can result in serious consequences. Only moderate exercise can claim to be the optimal prevention of chronic diseases.

The study analyzed the health status of 3.8 thousand runners. The average age of the subjects was 46 years. Most of them every week ran more than 32 kilometers. Professionals have information about taking pain medications associated with complications of the heart.

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In addition, take into account the indicators of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and complicated family history. Paradoxically, none of the factors could not explain why runners live on average less than men, adherent rational loads. It is also interesting that painkillers often took people running less than 32 km per week. To date, plan a more detailed study to find an explanation to all these questions.

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