Scientists: lonely people are happy to 50 years

Scientists have found that even single people can be happy. However, their happiness continues for the whole life - 50 years, it comes to an end. These are the conclusions of experts from a large insurance company. Experts have analyzed the problems of loneliness and came to certain conclusions.

In the survey participated single people and people with a large number of social ties. Scientists have found that the first group by the age of 50 have lost the feeling of happiness from life. Such was 78 percent.

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Of course, the problem of loneliness and happiness deeply subjective, but as it turned out, even it can lead to some statistics. So, scientists have found that only 60% of the group having a family, could entice yourself truly happy. Confirmed and theory, according to which older people with grandchildren, feel more happy. Information gives you the opportunity to come to certain conclusions.

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