Scientists: Loans - cause of hypertension and stroke

Hypertension is called the blood pressure to figures 140/90 and above, with a strong character. The most frequent case of hypertension - hypertension, which occurs in the pathology of heart activity. Often hypertension is the main reason that causes stroke(bleeding in brain tissue)

Northwestern University, the US conducted a series of studies aimed at studying interesting fact: it turns out that the loans can affect health status. A particularly strong impact on young people, vlassic into debt. Persistent thoughts of impending credit adversely affect the nervous system, which is known to regulate all internal processes in the body. This can cause hypertension, one of the reasons for the pathology of internal organs, including the brain hemorrhage - stroke.

Scientists observed the group consisting of 8,4 thousand young people aged 24-32 years. In addition to age, they were United by one common factor - they all had outstanding credit. The survey showed that about 20% of the investigated unable to close all its debts and will suffer because of this some deterioration in physical or mental health. This situation led the respondents to despair and constant stress, their performance fell, and the risk of hypertension increased on average by 17%. Increased risk of stroke.

Some research has shown that the existence of a serious debt among students encourages them to more effective learning, these students have a greater desire and motivation to learn. Health status, unfortunately, this study doesn't say anything.

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Today in the US study on credit - the most popular form of higher education. It is used by more than half coming. The number of people willing to get education in the debt is growing, as an increasing percentage of those who are not able to repay your loan after training. In March 2012 the debt of student loans amounted to $ 1 trillion. However, in the last eight years the number of people willing to get the education debt has increased by 300%.

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