Scientists: light smokers suitable for transplantation

Most countries are experiencing a shortage of donor organs. Today for lung transplantation are the bodies of people with a healthy lifestyle. However, recent studies show that the lungs of a smoker is quite suitable for transplantation. Does not matter even the fact that people smoked half of a third of his life on a pack a day, says Medical News Today.

The researchers analyzed data from 237 patients with transplanted lungs. Subjects were divided into three groups depending on the lifestyle of the donor organ. In the first group were donors, wykonywanie more packs a day, the second group is people who smoked no more than tutu. The third group consisted of donors without harmful habits.

The research proved that the number of cigarettes did not affect the success of the transplant organ. It should be noted that the purpose of the study was not long study of the quality of life of recipients.

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Confirmation of the information obtained will allow to increase the number of donor organs. Now most clinics refuses transplants lung of a smoker.

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