Scientists: laziness is one of the physiological characteristics of a person

Laziness in the course of evolution, scientists believe. Man thus seeks to preserve the accumulated calories, and this desire is characteristic of all animals. To prove his position, scientists conducted an experiment.

The volunteers were asked to do some exercises on a treadmill. This was measured pace of the walk and a number of other indicators. In the second stage, the subjects did the same exercises with the exoskeleton. The first suit was complicated running, then facilitate it.

Scientists noticed that during more complex tasks the human muscular system adjusts load and minimal rubbed vitality. Such a regime could persist for a long period of time.

When the exoskeleton lightened the load, the body re-aligned, but then returned to gait familiar to high loads. This confirms the law of conservation of energy and the existence of unconscious mechanisms of regulation of physical activity.

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