Scientists know how to erase the memory fragments

If you intervene in the process of playing unpleasant memories can be erased, established by Swedish scientists. This discovery will help in the treatment of obsessive fears and phobias, tells the Daily Mail. Psychologists and neuroscientists at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) argue that human memory can be erased newly formed memories (here meaning short-term memory).

Project author Thomas Agren States, the results of research can be applied for more effective treatment of the millions of people suffering from depressive syndrome and excessive anxiety, experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder or regular panic attacks. It turns out that new information, which recognizes people, deposited in the head as a solid long-term memory, because of the special proteins that are formed in the brain. When we need something to remember the memory at this time becomes unstable. In this state she will be kept until such time as the process of delaying the information in long term memory will not start again. Our memories are not something static, but the brain is constantly adapting information. And in the end, the person with each new event weaker remember the original incident.

To prove this, the researchers present the results of his experiment. The subject showed a neutral image, but was accompanied by the demonstration of a weak shock current. Thus, they formed the ward has an unpleasant memory. The MRI machine was fixed, in the brain of the test has been responsible for handling negative emotions and memories. By showing the picture again and again, but without the shock of the blow, the subject washed discomfort and fear. MRI-scan showed a calm tone, and the tone of fear was gone. This experiment proved, after the new memories, people do not remember what it was, and the memory of the memory of this event, that is, the brain remembers the most recent memories of the past situation. Thus, erase negativity can, if again and again to play the situation in the opposite, the most tranquil surroundings. This method is used for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

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