Scientists know how to build muscles effectively

Weight training is less high intensity, but with a large number of repetitions can be just as effective for building muscle as lifting heavy weight. It is reported by the author of the new article published by the journal of Applied physiology, nutrition and metabolism.

Nicholas Byrd - lead author of the study, argues that according to the opinion, which presents in his review, all strength training, in addition to the most common high-intensity resistance training is just as effective and allow you to build even more muscle mass. The obtained results are very important, as the increase in the mass of skeletal muscles leads to increased energy consumption, helping to manage weight. In addition, skeletal muscle, due to their size, is the main place of disposal of blood sugar, which significantly reduces the risk of developing such diseases as diabetes mellitus type II.

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Scientists at McMaster University conducted a series of experiments in which we tested the performance of different strength training (for example, volume, intensity, time during which the muscles were under voltage). It was found that the development of muscles contribute not only high intensity muscle contractions when lifting heavy weight. The young men who trained with weights, workout low intensity with a large number of repetitions performed until complete fatigue, as effectively stimulate muscle protein, as well as high intensity workout and a smaller number of approaches. An additional advantage of workout low intensity - the greater the number of repetitions required to achieve fatigue, very effectively, in order to maintain muscle response in a few days.

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