Scientists: joint child care improves the quality of intimate relationships

Experts from the University of Georgia conducted an analysis of data on 900 couples. It turned out, couples in which the woman dumped a large portion of family responsibilities, often complained about the low quality of the intimate life and relationships in General. The distribution of responsibilities, on the contrary, positively affected the relations of the spouses, writes The Daily Mail.

Apparently, women are strongly influenced by physical and psychological stress. When the man took over almost all the housework, women were also satisfied with intimate relations with her husband. However, a uniform distribution of responsibilities gave the best result.

Now scientists are trying to answer another question: why joint child care affects intimate relationships in the family. How do cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping affect the quality of family life? The case may be and in hormones, and in the extension of the concept of "husband" or "wife", in any case, the correct answer will show future research.

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