Scientists investigated the impact of mobile phone on pregnant

Scientists from Yale Institute of medicine tested how cell phone radiation affects the body of a pregnant woman, and what the consequences might be caused.

According to Professor of medicine and head of the Department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive Sciences at Yale University and co-author of the recent studies on the health of pregnant women and fetal development when exposed to mobile phone, Dr. Hugh Taylor, the radiation of a mobile phone is of no use, it had more to harm the child and may even cause his hyperactivity.

In one of the two cells, where was pregnant mice, the scientists left enabled mobile phone, the second also put a mobile phone that is turned off, i.e., the possibility of receiving and sending the signal was absent.

After the birth of their mice subjected to careful scrutiny. The results showed that the activity of the offspring, which was under the radiation of the mobile phone, was higher (mice relentlessly pounded into the wall of the cage and there was nothing could stop them), the activity of their relatives from the cell phone is turned off.

This, according to Dr. Hugh Taylor, proves the negative impact of mobile phone on pregnant women, so they should keep the phone away from your body and minimize the time to use it.

In 2011 it became known statement of the world health organization that mobile phones can cause cancer, and the need for more research.

Some countries, including France, have banned advertising of mobile phones designed for children, in connection with the possible risks.

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