Scientists invented the alcohol does not cause hangovers

Alcoholic drinks have always had high demand. Many people like to relax in the evening or at the weekend with a drink. However, doctors warn that this habit is harmful nature. Excessive alcohol consumption has a negative impact on the functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, and systematic alcoholism can lead to disturbances in the nervous system. Fortunately, scientists have been able to come close to solving the problem associated with hangover.

A group of scientists from Britain is on the verge of opening a special alcohol, which does not have negative consequences in the morning in the form of a hangover. The design was invented by a team from University College London, and it was headed by Professor David Nutt. He is confident that the new drink is completely revolutionize this area and some change public attitudes to drink on its basis.

The development consists of two parts. The first is a synthetic analogue of alcohol, specially designed and has a unique structure. By itself, the drink causes minimal hangover. In addition, a special inhibitor morning of the consequences, which can completely block the hangover.

Scientists point out that the drink will act in the same way as alcohol, but receive special inhibitor will allow the moment to interrupt intoxicating effect. New development, according to research group, has huge potential.

An interesting fact is that after taking the antidote level of alcohol in the blood is reduced to an acceptable, making it easier to sit behind the wheel of a car or to start working. It should be noted that new development does not affect the functioning of the liver.

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Unfortunately, the revolutionary development at this stage a few scares away investors. Not yet found the right sponsors, who will be able to give financial help to the scientists. One reason is the negative attitude towards such innovations manufacturers standard alcohol that causes hangovers. Manufacturers have provided and continue to allocate a huge amount of money on advertising to maintain brand image.

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