Scientists: Internet weakens the human immune system

The research team from the universities of Swansea and Milan established that the frequent use of the Internet reduces the immune system and leads to frequent colds. The body loses its resistance to most dangerous bacteria and viruses including the influenza virus.

The researchers observed people with Internet addiction, the study involved volunteers of all ages. It turned out, the fans sit on the Internet significantly more often suffered from colds.

The reason is as follows. People with Internet addiction often suffer stress and quickly comes out of that. Hormone called cortisol, which determines the body's response to stress, in such circumstances ceases to work in a healthy mode. This is reflected in the human immune system and leads to more frequent bacterial and viral infections.

Doctors recommend not only to reduce the time spent at the computer, but also to walk more, exercise. The best prevention of infections they consider, not tablets, as a healthy lifestyle.

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