Scientists: insomnia kills brain cells man

Lack of sleep causes irreparable damage to the brain of the person. With regular insomnia, talk to experts from China, often develop depression is associated with direct neuronal damage.

The experiment involved two groups of volunteers. The first group consisted of 23 people with chronic insomnia. The second group of 20 people slept normally and overall sleep quality has never complained.

The subjects ran a scan of the brain. Additionally, the volunteers answered questions about sleep quality and internal health.

Scientists noticed that in chronic insomnia destroyed the connection between the cells of the thalamus. This area of the brain responsible for concentration, attention and speed of reaction. Perhaps these changes are irreversible or recover for a very long time.

Doctors recommend to contact the experts at constant sleep problems. According to all recommendations, no need to sleep less than 7-9 hours per day, preferably at night.

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