Scientists: insincere laughter is bad for health

Appropriate laughter and smile are the main attributes of an open and successful person. In addition, based on the process of formation insincere and sincere laughter are very different phenomena. Insincere laughter may cause serious harm to human health.

This statement was expressed by psychologists at the University of Michigan. Within two weeks they analyzed the behavior of drivers different urban routes and the impact of their smiles and laughter at a meeting of the passengers on the psychological and emotional state.

The organizers of this study believe that insincere laughter, which is not correlated with the internal mood of the participants, was the main cause of lack of energy and mood. Interesting fact - women suffered from insincere laughter is stronger than men. Why is this happening - scientists don't know.

The authors of this study indicate that the requirement guide to management in different companies all the time to smile, i.e., to be friendly, may have a negative effect, because the level of disability of that person, for sure, will be much lower because of a bad mood. Thus, the company may lose much more profit, because most of the work managers will simply not productive.

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