Scientists: in the future it will be possible to grow new limbs

Scientists from the Institute of structural and molecular biology University College London revealed the secrets of regeneration of limbs in salamanders, writes the Financial Express. In the future, such regeneration may become a reality among the people. At least scientists believe in this idea.

For regeneration of body parts salamanders should be running path of ERK. And this path must be in a state of constant activity. In humans, the structure of the given path is slightly different. Because of this we, like most mammals, do not have the ability to the global recovery.

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In humans, there is a continuous change of skin cells, hair, mucous membranes, but the path does not show full activity. If you activate it fully, then people will make a step towards the regeneration of limbs and organs. Salamanders can regenerate almost everything from the tail to the spinal cord and eyes.

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