Scientists: in small amounts, is beer good for the heart and blood vessels

Two small cans of beer a day, not only does not harm the body, but also have a revitalizing effect. These are the findings of researchers from Italy. They analyzed data from a small 1500 scientific papers and found: about half a liter of quality beer daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In properly brewed beer contains a lot of nutrients. We are talking about the consumption of the noble drink without the use of chemical preservatives and other additives.

Experts recommend not to abuse the drink. Women should drink no more than one of the little cans per day (330 ml), men – two cans. This dose of alcohol, scientists believe, will not increase the risk of cancer and dementia.

Composition of beer includes a large number of phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effect. According to other theories, the beer improves immunity and protects against viruses. In the beer contains potassium, iron and calcium, however, to obtain at least one portion of these elements is out of beer, have to drink a whole tank of intoxicating.

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