Scientists: in bed is dangerous for pregnancy

20% of women in America for medical reasons must stay in bed. Not always the doctors get a positive result. Obedienoe position has certain advantages, but it increases the risk of diabetes and thrombosis. In bed, among other things, affect the body weight of the newborn, The Daily Mail reports.

The main goal pursued by the physician when prescribing bed rest, blood flow to the placenta. This is necessary if the fetus is growing too slowly. Such appointments are ambiguous. It is proved that the static life of the mother affects the development of muscle and bone tissues of the baby.

Some damage there is to the mother. Horizontal position leads to blood clots, increased risk of blood clots. Note, pregnant and without an increased likelihood of thrombosis.

Experts advise caution to prescribe bed rest for pregnant women, weighing all indications and contraindications.

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