This is the conclusion of experts from Barcelona. The neurotic and impulsive people are much easier to find a soul mate, they believe. According to statistics, people with pathological traits have more options when dealing with the opposite sex.

In total the study involved 1000 volunteers with different character traits, writes The Daily Mail. The scientists collected information about their social status, income level, number of partners, children. The study failed to find differences between men and women. Men with obessive-compulsive traits consisted in long-term relationships more often than women with the same character. The same could boast of women with neurotic warehouse.

Scientists believe, sometimes the recklessness helps to find a partner to build a short relationship. The same study proves that people with obessive-compulsive features earn twice more money, than people without personality. Apparently, the pathological features create an aura of leadership and the ability to manage a team.

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