Scientists: humans can become immortal through 200 years

Modern technologies are in constant development. Scientists from Israel suggest, in 200 years people will be able to become immortal, if choosing to replace the body on the endless life of the mind.

"It is likely that in the next 200 years Homo sapiens will be able to turn himself into some kind of idea or divine being through biological manipulation, or through genetic engineering, or through the creation of cyborgs — part with living flesh or without it," says his statement Professor Yuval Noah Harari from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Scientists at Cambridge University are not less positive. In the next few centuries will be a complete model of artificial intelligence, they say. Life will move inside the computer. This will require huge by today's standards of computing power and the efforts of the global scientific community.

The theory that man uses only 10% of their brain, holds no scientific value. Each connection between neurons is necessary for the functioning of the body, the conscious part of human activity occupies only a small proportion of all processes of the brain.

The brain is a well-designed system created in the process of evolution. 1.5 pounds of neurons consume almost 20% of all energy. If the brain would use 100% every second, it would instantly burnt the fuses".

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