Scientists: humans, after death, fall into a parallel world

Professor Robert Lantz from the University of North Carolina is sure: after death a person is reborn, and the soul is sent into a parallel world for later resurrection. His assumption scientist proved using the theory of biocentrism and experience young.

In the experiment, Lantz watched the particles of light, penetrating through a screen with holes. The scientist compares the seen with two images: the "tracks" from bullets when fired, if you look closely at the holes, and light waves, if you look carefully.

On the basis of his observation, the scientist made the original conclusion about the duality of everything that surrounds us. The surrounding objects, says Lantz, are only the work of our brain due to the peculiarities of perception.

Scientific confirmation of the theory has not yet acquired, so to believe or not to believe a scientist - a purely personal matter.

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