Scientists: high technology lower school performance

Researchers in Europe found: the introduction of new technologies in the school educational process does not increase student achievement and the level of interest in learning new knowledge. In some cases computers do more harm than good.

Staff from the international Organization for economic cooperation and development OECD has analysed students ' performance depending on the equipment of places of learning with computer hardware, electronic libraries. It turned out that the academic performance of the computers have no effect. Moreover, they can relax the students, creating the illusion of access to all information on the Internet.

Most of all computer technology affects children from Australia. Every day they spend an hour of school time on learning at the computer. The situation is similar in Sweden, Greece and Hong Kong.

Scientists urge school administrators to adhere to the classical system of education with reasonable implementation of new technologies. Any innovation in the school should be justified and aimed at improving the quality of education.

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