Scientists: herbal extract can replace painkillers

Scientists from the University of California conducted a study of ancient Chinese remedies based roots chubarky. Its analgesic properties were well known folk medicine, however, the scientific evidence information received just now, writes The Daily Mail.

Part of the roots is dehydrocorydaline. This compound has analgesic effect on the body and is not addictive. The extract from the root acts on another group of receptors associated with the determination of dopamine. Standard painkillers affect the receptors in morphine. Dopamine is neuroprotection responsible for the formation of a pleasure. In addition, he has analgesic effect.

Experiments have shown that preparations based roots chubarky helped laboratory animals in getting rid of chronic pain. Chinese healers used decoctions of plants for the treatment of back pain and joint pain.

Scientists note that the tool will be useful for the every day encounters with pain of moderate intensity. The advantage of the drug is the absence of addiction and the need to increase the dosage. Today, the hen is tested for toxicity, so that the mass use of plants too early to say.

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Doctors believe that painkillers good as a temporary treatment, as necessary to cure the original source of the pain, not trying to stifle.

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