Scientists: healthy food does not mean that it is low calorie

Many people who want to lose weight, I sincerely wonder why after eating only healthy food, their weight is not reduced, but rather continues to grow. The fact that these people think that healthy food means that it is low calorie, but it's not. They should just start to restrict your nutritious diet. The study found that people who eat only healthy foods, continue to eat them in large quantities, and not feel any guilt.

On the basis of the obtained research data, scientists from Cornell University have developed a few tips using which you can make use of a healthy diet more effective, and reduce the amount of food consumed. To do this, you first need to start drinking from tall glasses. Here is a visual effect, because such glasses seem to be more full than wide and low glasses. The result is a person drinks 19% less liquid.

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The same applies to the size of saucers. The study found that eating large bowls, a person uses 16% more food than if he used a plate with a small diameter. In addition, scientists recommended each time to put a fork on the table after the bite protector of food that will allow you to stretch the process of eating and make the time of onset of satiety faster. Due to this, the amount of eaten food also decreases.

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