Scientists: headaches during pregnancy – a disturbing symptom of complications

Sometimes pregnant women do not pay enough attention to symptoms of toxicity: nausea, headache. Scientists noticed that the headache during carrying a child is usually a sign of serious complications. Half of pregnant women headache says about high blood pressure, 38% - the state preeclampsia, writes The Daily Mail.

Preeclampsia usually develops in the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. This increases blood pressure, develop severe headaches, deteriorating vision. Often the symptoms are accompanied by pains in the abdomen. Depending on the severity of the condition doctors choose further tactics of conducting the pregnant woman: the purpose of herbal medicines to abortion.

Researchers are advised to pay attention to all the unpleasant symptoms that occur during pregnancy, and refer to the antenatal clinic. This medical facility is aimed at preventing complications and the birth of a healthy child.

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