Scientists have warned about the unexpected consequences of climate change

The process of climate change around the world, which has intensified in recent years, can cause the outbreak of the deadly infection. So, "Газета.RU" he writes that scientists have warned about the possibility of new outbreaks of Ebola.

The publication notes that the virus may spread to areas not previously affected them. According to scientists, the process of global climate change nearly three and a half times to accelerate transmission of the virus from animals to humans.

The most extensive are fever outbreaks in African areas where previously documented initiation of this virus. From Africa fever will spread to other continents and countries because of dense air traffic.

Global warming threatens the development of dangerous bacteria. Thus, European and American scientists found an invasion in the Baltic sea bacteria Vibrio, which provoke the appearance of cholera, gastroenteritis and other dangerous diseases.

The penetration of bacteria into the body can be done through water during swimming in the sea, as well as seafood. The study also managed to determine that when the sea surface temperature has increased 1, 200% increase in the number of detection of bacteria.

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