Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the tall men

Scientists have found: the growth of men and women differs due to the specific structure of the chromosomes. Of course, this discovery is not new, but now you know the localization and structure of the gene responsible for this factor.

In the study, a group of scientists from the University of Helsinki have analyzed the variations of the X-chromosomes of more than 25 thousand people and found the connection with the floor, according to DNA India.

From biology course everyone knows that a woman has two X chromosomes, while the male has only one X-chromosome and a little reduced Y-chromosome. Scientists have found that a genetic variant that is close to gene ITM2A, responsible for the development of cartilage tissue, is more common in people with low growth.

Two such gene (women) is a partial solution of lower growth in women. Men two genes physiologically can not attend.

In case the activity of two copies of ITM2A growth women are particularly small. However, in most cases the second option is in an inactive state, so women tend to increase slightly less than men.

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