Scientists have unraveled one of the causes of loneliness

Scientists have found that head injuries in childhood can influence human behavior in a more manageable age. Research group of University young three years studied this problem and concluded: concussion and traumatic brain injury is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Scientists have found that the most common cause of head injury by accident. During concussion damage certain parts of the brain. Damage to some structures change human behavior and determines its adaptation in society. Scientists say and about the possible loss of memory, disturbances in the cognitive sphere.

Data were proved in the course of comparing the social lives of children who have suffered brain injury and healthy children. In the course of the study using MRI-diagnostics failed to establish that the presence of abnormalities in the brain and the number of friends a person connected quite pronounced.

Communication is a multifaceted process that requires listening skills, shape your idea and bring it to the interlocutor. Finding this interesting link between traumatic brain injury and socialization of the person, now scientists are trying to understand how this defect can be corrected.

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