Scientists have uncovered yet another cause of dementia

Senile dementia, a disease Altsgejmera and Parkinsona – someday science will be able to give a precise answer, as there are these deviations. Before experts were able to describe one of the reasons for the development of dementia. Apparently, the failure of the immune system can serve as a trigger changes in the brain.

The researchers and the University of Adelaide, the study proved that immune inflammation reduces mental abilities of the person. Note that about autoimmune diseases doctors don't know as much. There is still no complete method of treatment of most of pathologies of autoimmune nature.

Now one of the main theories of development of Alzheimer's disease States that: all symptoms develop due to accumulation of the protein amyloid beta in the substance of the brain. It is now known that factors of the development of cryptic abnormalities may be much higher than previously thought.

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