Scientists have uncovered the processes occurring in the brain during anaesthesia

Experts in the field of anesthesiology has studied the processes occurring in the brain during anaesthesia. California scientists were able to establish that even in a state of complete inhibition of brain activity of nerve cells operate only in a special way.

In the study, researchers observed laboratory mice, which were injected in the state of narcosis. It is known that the anesthesia takes place in several stages. The opening was a staged withdrawal from the anesthesia. Cluster mechanisms of the brain are involved in spasmodic "switching" patterns of brain. It is this process that brings people from anesthesia.

Scientists speak about the change of the unconscious state for light activity and a gradual transition to normal life while reducing the drug concentration of the drug in the body. In addition, the nervous system yourself looking for ways to return to a normal state by using the ancient mechanisms of regulation of nervous activity.

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The recovery from anesthesia can be compared to reboot with a gradual run standard programs.

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