A group of scientists from Finland have described changes in the brain caused by excessive alcohol consumption. As it turned out, changing not only the structure of the brain, but also hormones. About it writes the edition Ptothom Alo.

According to the study, there are two types of alcoholism: "alarming" and "impulsive". At least, so say researchers from the University of Eastern Finland.

"Anxious alcoholics" face problems quite late. In the second case, the alcohol is already in his early years. However, there is one thing in common in two groups – the extremely high concentration of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone in the brain.

This hormone affects the nervous system and largely determines the need for increasing doses of alcohol. Man under the influence of dehydroepiandrosterone and need more alcohol to satisfy his needs.

Still all alcoholics reduced concentration of serotonin. This substance is called "the hormone of happiness and love." Serotonin provides for the formation of emotions and is closely associated with cognitive processes.

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