Biologists as part of a recent study were able to trace the mechanism of formation of malignant skin cancer cells. On the collected information says the journal Nature.

"Very rarely we are able to find the cage, which begins with the "birth" of cancer, and until recently nobody has been able to track that on a molecular level happens to cancer cells as they spread," says Cedric Blanpain (Free University of Brussels).

Damaged stem cells is the root cause of most malignant tumors. When the body for some reason fails in the regulation of stem cells, the chance of malignant colonies greatly increased. At least this theory works for oncological diseases of the skin.

Cedric Blanpain conducted an experiment. He turned off the regulatory gene Ptch1 in mice. Thereafter, most animals developed skin cancer. Cytological analysis showed, that healthy stem cells turned into "cancer stem cells" were the cause of malignancy of the skin.

"Our results show that the growth of tumors in the early stages can be stopped if you interact with the genes that control the transformation and growth of stem cells," concludes Ben Simons, co-author from the University of Cambridge.

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