Scientists have uncovered the cause of baldness

A group of scientists from USA, Japan and the Netherlands to find the factors responsible for the baldness of people. The results of the work tells the publication EurekAlert.

Like any other cells, formation of hair is due to "Bank" stem cells in the body. In old age the number of stem cells decreases, and slows down the process of formation of Mature cells, including the tissue of the hair follicle.

Scientists conducted an experiment with laboratory mice. It turned out that with age of animal DNA to accumulate damage. They slow down the process of hair growth. The most pronounced activity was found in the gene COL17A1. He, according to experts, is responsible for baldness.

If you look deeper, COL17A1 gene encodes an important transmembrane protein that ensures the penetration of nutrients through the cell membrane. In addition, gene is responsible for the individual features in the exterior of mammals.

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