Scientists have uncovered the 12 secrets of happiness

Scientists from Harvard and the California universities are convinced that happiness is like a virus of some infectious diseases. The thing is that the positive environment conveys his cheerfulness and turns pessimist to optimist. According to a study, the environment is a quarter of the General mood of the person.

According to physiologists, happiness is the same physiological process, like any other in our body. Due to it by the mediators, the hormone of pleasure and a functioning brain. Serotonin, dopamine, GABA - these substances determine a person's mood.

So, a few tips that will allow you to always stay positive wave:

1. Never compare yourself with others

2. Never stop

3. Never nothing to regret

4. To make independent decisions

5. Learn how to relax

6. Learn to forgive

7. Less offended and more forgiving

8. Sports

9. Eat right

10. To learn to respect others

11. Smile

12. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people

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Respecting simple rules, you will easily be able to stay on a positive wave and get their energy around!

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