Scientists have uncovered how a name affects the destiny of man

Psychologists from America discovered a relationship with the baby's name with his behavior and preferences in later life. The phenomenon is called "hidden selfishness," writes the Huffington Post.

Throughout the life of the person hears his own name more often. Whenever there are words, consonant with the name of the person having positive emotions.

Interestingly, another fact, have names that are specific to the area of residence. Most Filippov lives in Philadelphia, girls named Virginia in Virginia (USA). Surname or name often become a push factor in choosing a profession.

Teachers and teachers pay more attention to the children with the original and ancient names. According to statistics, people with aristocratic names have 26% higher average earnings.

When choosing a name for your child researchers are advised to avoid too frilly options that could be a cause for ridicule in kindergarten and school.

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