Scientists have uncovered five stages of love relationships

Scientists conducted a global study, during which he shared a love relationship phase. Everyone experiences some of the feelings that he perceived as individual, although the majority is experiencing similar emotions during familiarization and convergence with someone of the opposite sex.

The first phase - "butterflies in the stomach". People tends to spend with your partner all the time. All thoughts are dedicated exclusively to the emerging relations. Predominant sexual attraction. 30% of respondents have lost weight in this stage, almost half (39%) experienced reduced performance.

The second phase is "becoming". People learn about each other more and more, which helps them find common ground. 44% of people in this phase is deprived of sleep, 29% complain of reduced attention.

The third phase - "assimilation". Scientists call it the stabilization phase and "correctness". Appear first thoughts about the real future together and fixing the relationship in marriage.

The fourth phase is "integrity". Partners, fully examining each other, discover the perfect person. If in the past someone could keep to yourself emotions and claims, the fourth phase all spills outward, which often leads to increased vulnerability and doubt in the correctness of the choice.

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The fifth phase is "stability". Relationships are gradually moving into the category of habits in the good sense of the word. Two people so much closer that I can't imagine being without each other. In this phase released large quantities of oxytocin, which increases a woman's desire to become pregnant and to form a stable family unit.

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