Scientists have transformed cancer cells in a healthy

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida has developed a unique approach in the treatment of cancer. A new method is particularly effective for breast cancer, lung, bladder.

The risk of cancer is uncontrolled cell division and spreading them throughout the body. Scientists have found a way to slow or even stop this process. Some compare the method with the braking system of the vehicle.

Protein Plekha7, dedicated scientists, affects cancer cells. It blocks further division and transition of benign tumors into malignant. Presumably, the protein helps to cope with aggressive forms of cancer. Scientists believe that there are other keys from cancer, but it will take some time for their solution.

Tests in the laboratory will take about five years. Panagiotis Anastasiadis, an employee of the clinic and Nobel laureate, modern medicine gives a period of 50 years. Just half a century, he believes that humanity will be able to beat cancer.

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